Upgrading a KWA M4-CQB

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Upgrading a KWA M4-CQB

Post by Baron Von Chaos »

Not sure if anyone saw my last post about what I picked up but I got a great deal on a KWA M4-CQB. I'm still waiting for it to be delivered.

From what I was told it currently shoots around 350 fps with a short barrel and if Im not mistaken thats not ideal for an outdoors game.

Does it make sense to buy the upgrade parts (if available) to get a better fps and range and then swap back and forth depending on what type of game and where Im going to play or is it just not that easy?

You have to excuse me as im not polished on the airsoft lingo yet if I have said anything incorrectly.

Thank you,

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Re: Upgrading a KWA M4-CQB

Post by Shogun Mitsu »

The easiest way to achieve what your talking about, is to have 2 different upper & front sets. Each upper & front should also house their own inner barrels & hop up units, just so you don't run the risk of loosing the hop up nub, or tearing your bucking. the field upper should have atleast a 10.5 inch barrel with a mock suppressor to hide the longer tight bore barrel. From what I understand, every inch of additional tight bore barrel, should raise your fps by about 8-10 points on a chrono. Now add a really good bucking, hop up unit & nub, then you should achieve what you want. ;)
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Re: Upgrading a KWA M4-CQB

Post by Moondog »

Or conversely, if you have the funds, keep your upper the same with your optics, lights, etc. And simply swap out your lower. Use your 350fps lower for CQB. Buy another lower and a 420fps JG or Matrix gearbox and you're ready for long range outdoor action. You can fine tune this later by switching the barrel and hop-up unit as Angel suggested.

I used to swap out my lower (actually just the gearbox since its a v3) of my G36 for CQB use but stopped after I switched to GBB's for CQB.
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