KWA CQR Mod 2 - Upgrading FPS for outdoor play

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KWA CQR Mod 2 - Upgrading FPS for outdoor play

Post by rigma_one »

Hi All,

I've been shooting my CQR Mod 2 indoors all fall and winter.

In preparation for Bad Blood this May, I'd like to get the FPS on my gun up into the 400 range with at least 23 gram bbs.

Browsing the web and other forums, it seems that there are three primary ways to upgrade FPS:

1. inner barrel
2. spring
3. cylinder

Inner barrels and springs are pretty clear to me. Length and inner diameter determine speed and accuracy. A stiffer spring will produce more force, etc.

What's not clear is which cylinder to buy and if it's easy to install. A quick look on any major retail website shows a tremendous selection of cylinders in different materials, design, etc.

What cylinder do you use?
Is swapping cylinders relatively easy?
Do you have any other recommendations for increasing FPS?

Thanks for your input!

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Re: KWA CQR Mod 2 - Upgrading FPS for outdoor play

Post by Rosales »

I would recommend doing compression fixes first before installing stronger springs. With my AEGs there was a significant increase in FPS with an airseal nozzle, teflon taped cylinder head and hopup.
As far as cylinders go, you need a type 0 cylinder for your carbine length aeg. I do not recall the exact length, but for inner barrels longer than 400mm you would need a bore up nozzle, and cylinder.
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