Agm/s&t mg42

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Agm/s&t mg42

Post by DRK »

Dangerwerx is a friend of mine going back many years, the Shoei he will compare it against is mine that has been laying by him for the past 2 months waiting for this release. So standby to standby on his grudge match comparison.

Just an FYI, there is also some data that will be released to the public after i come back from shot show about a certain external air engine blowback manufacture and this new agm/s&t mg42.
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Re: Agm/s&t mg42

Post by TASKER »

That's hot! Is it me or does it look like the nipple the BB's feed into IN the drum mag STICKS UP like a....nipple? How does the last layer of BB's rise UP to get it? Wouldn't it have been more advantageous to make it funnel shaped?

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Re: Agm/s&t mg42

Post by TJ »

That's a feed wheel, the bb's drop into the edge, that really can't be seen from that angle.
Same way an M249 nut sack works.

I'll post up better pics in a couple of days.

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