dmr build for bad blood 2014

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dmr build for bad blood 2014

Post by SkullTaker »

Ok has anyone ever got this from evike

I plan on putting in a miracle barrel. M130. And a metal hop up.
This should give me 250feet easy 450fps. I will most likely put on a silencer as well. Only other question that comes to mind is should I flat or r hop it ?? Any thoughts ?

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Re: dmr build for bad blood 2014

Post by Taronkov »

R-hop will give you more range and more consistent results over the flat hop. Flat hop however can just be dropped in which is a significant advantage if you don't have experience with installing r-hops.

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Re: dmr build for bad blood 2014

Post by Shogun Mitsu »

Look into the Modify hop up at Evike as well. If you flat or r hop it, there would be no need to go past 400fps. You will need to semi only mod the gun as well, with a high fps. Personally, I think the high fps will do nothing more than wear down your internals quicker than you expect. A miracle barrel, flat or r hop, with a Modify hop up & an m120, should give you the range you are looking for, without the need of a semi only mod.
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Re: dmr build for bad blood 2014

Post by soccerman245 »

I am also in the process of building a dmr for bad blood.

I have a TM M14 which is several years old. Long story short, I bought a lot of parts for it when I was younger and was in the process of installing them in my basement when someone decided they needed to clean up the basement and put all of my parts into a plastic bag. It was the first AEG I had taken apart and so I was totally lost.

Since I owned other guns I just decided to use them rather than go through the horrifying process of figuring out which part goes where from scratch.

Recently I took the parts to a local airsoft store which also does repairs and upgrades. Haven't heard back from them and it has been a week ;)

I am unsure honestly what parts are all in the gun, though I do know I spent over $150 on parts alone for it back in the day. These included a tightbore, a hop up upgrade(I think M or V?, though I am unsure), gearbox parts, an upgraded spring, a matrix motor, and a new battery.

Getting back into airsoft now I have heard about this "r hop" setup that you guys mentioned above.

It sounds amazing, but I really don't know what it is. From what I have researched it seems like some guy just started making them because they worked for him and now he sells them.

What do I need to have one of these installed in my TM m14? It is a full length, not a socom version if that makes a difference.

I think my spring upgrade may have been as high as an m140 so I may also need to have a semi-only setup. What parts would be best for me to order for that function?

I would like high quality parts as I have some money to spend and I will not be doing the installs myself.

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