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Lubricants for gbb

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Maintenance product - ... are-system

Tech info -

These are completely synthetic lubricants designed for military use ( and endorsed by Sig-sauer ) and now branded as an NRA product. We've been using these items in our personal firearms for over a year and they are amazing. Once applied correctly ( mil-comm application specifics - ) it has reduced cleaning time to almost nothing and have incredible lubricating qualities.

I thought I'd try them on my WE SCAR L gbb since they can get finicky about lubrication. Having run the weapon on just silicon and then switching to the mil-comm products has demonstrated to me how much a plus this would be in the airsoft community. Very small amounts of the grease on the bolt/slide have changed how the SCAR cycles.

For $15 try the kit and follow the directions. Let me know if you are as impressed as I am. ( I have no interest in the company; just sharing hoping to help make the airsoft community aware of a great product that lets us play instead of work )

Thanks !

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