M249 Polarstar

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M249 Polarstar

Post by Alchy-ops »

I'm looking to pick one up but before i do i want to know a few things,

1: What kind of air tank do i need?
2: How many BBs will i get out of that tank?
3: What color nozzle do i need to be at 400fps with .25 bbs?
4: is there anything i should get that is optional but provides a significant increase in performance?
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Re: M249 Polarstar

Post by Mark Twain »

Good P* questions -

Here are a couple of links that may help



Things like shots per tank and nozzle size will vary based on what barrel size / length, verson of P* fusion engine, type of solenoids, etc.

Rudy at Bingo can answer make and model specific questions as he has installed fusion engines in many different replicas.

Here's a Stoner 63 lmg that he did for us.................http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgvoEwPyb5I
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