Guide: Buying Battery Packs

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Guide: Buying Battery Packs

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by Moondog

Most players buy 'off the shelf' battery packs sold in airsoft stores. But you can buy batteries more cheaply and configure more powerful batteries with a little work and research via the RC (Radio Controlled) battery websites. Airsoft batteries originally come from the RC hobby market.

These websites are focused on the RC and may not have much information about which batteries fit in which AEG's. But they will list the key information you will need: Voltage, mAh capacity, cell chemistry (NiMH, Lipo, etc.), number of cells in the pack and cell size. You may often have the option to create custom packs based on that information.

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) NiMh is a the standard battery type. They can charge faster, have higher capacity, higher amperage and aren't effected by the “Memory Effect” of NiCad batteries.

LiPoly / LiPo (Lithium Polymer) LiPoly are the newest type. They require a special computer controlled charger and can burst into flame if they are exposed to excess moisture or full-discharged. AEG LiPolys come in either 7v or 12v packs. ::Read more about upgrading to LiPo batteries::

NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) These are the 'old type' of battery packs and are now only found in the cheapest AEG's. After use they must be fully discharged (using a battery discharger) or else they develop crystals which reduce their life and capacity (aka. "Memory Effect”).

A milliampere hour (mAh) is 1000th of an ampere hour (Ah). The higher the number the longer you can use the battery in your AEG. A 1400mAh battery is a good minimum capacity for an AEG.

Battery packs are wired and wrapped sets of battery cells and typically come in two sizes, large and small.

Large Battery are typically comprised of Sub-C (SC) sized cells.
Capacity can be 3600mAh or higher.

Small/Mini Battery are typically comprised of 2/3 A or 4/5 A cells.
Due to the smaller size of A cells, capacity maxes out at around 1500mAh-2000mAh.

The voltage output of the battery pack is determined by the number of cells that make up the pack. In NiCad and NiMH packs:
6 cells = 7.2v
7 cells = 8.4v
8 cells = 9.6v
9 cells = 10.8v
10 cells = 11v

With LiPoly
2S = 7.4v
3S = 11.1v


Tamiya: The standard airsoft compatible battery is a Female Small or Female Large

Deans/DIN: Square tab-like connectors in a T-shaped formation, these connectors offer lower electrical resistance and higher current loads. Use if you have Lipo or batteries that are 9.6v or higher. This will require you to re-solder the connector to your gearbox or buy a Tamiya/Deans adaptor.

You will need to select the gauge (thickness) of the wiring for you battery. The thicker the wire (the lower the AWG number), the less electrical resistance but also the less room to fit in you gun. 18AWG is typical for most stock batteries. 16AWG is generally the thickest that will fit in many AEGs.

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