How long do I charge a battery?

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How long do I charge a battery?

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How long do I charge my battery?
by Moondog

The length of time required to charge a battery depends on three things:

1. The capacity of the battery (measured in mAh).
2. The amperage of your charger (you'll find the 'output' amperage on the label of the charger).
3. The latent charge that the battery still has (is it empty or partly charged?).

With an empty battery the maximum charging time can easily be caluculated by deviding the mAh by the mA of the charger to get the number of hours to charge the battery. Here's an online utility to do just that:

But since most batteries aren't fully discharged (empty), you're going to have to check the battery from time to time. As a rule of thumb, if the battery becomes uncomfortably hot to hold: it's fully charged.

Granted that is an imprecise and somewhat time consuming process. This is why I recommend a Smart Charger which can automatically sense when a battery is full charged. ... &scat=LIPO
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