Rules: Posting Loadout Photos

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Rules: Posting Loadout Photos

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Size Limits for Images
640 pixels wide the largest photo size you can post.

If you are linking to another photo on the web that is larger than 640 pixels wide, then simply post the link rather than embedding an IMG. Or you can post photos from your own webhost.

How do I post photos?
You need to host your photos on a seperate site and copy the URL image link into your post. Common hosting site include:

How do I resize photos?
Photobucket has tools that allow you to EDIT posted images to resize them to the 640x480 size required by this board. You can also resize images through theses online utilities:

Thumbnails are better
Rather than posting the full size image on a post, why not use thumbnails? These load faster and take less space your post but allow everybody to quickly see all of your photos. Then if they want to see greater detail, they can easily click on the photo to bring it up in full size. The full-size photo thus be larger than 640x480.

Photobucket Tips
If you know the photos you're uploading from your computer are intended to be posted on this board, you can choose 640x480 in your upload options (below your list of photos you are uploading). This automatically makes them all 640x480 as they load into your album.

Resizing in Photobucket
To resize old images, press EDIT IMAGES in the menu bar, then the RESIZE option and you'll get a list of your photos and albums. Choose 640x480.

Thumbnails in Photobucket
Click on the button below each photo you wish to post and then click the GENERATE HTML AND THUMBNAILS button at the bottom of your album. This brings you a page with multiple codes you can choose. Choose:
IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards - recommended
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