Upgrading KWA CQR Mod 1 (Barrel/Rail)

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Upgrading KWA CQR Mod 1 (Barrel/Rail)

Post by AussieMikey »

I'm looking to upgrade my KWA CQR M4 Mod 1 (http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=38177) with G&P URX III Kit Medium Long, Type B (http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-urx-iii- ... ype-b.html). This is my first time doing upgrades and I would like to ask will it fit it? If so, what other parts I would need to make the upgrade???

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Re: Upgrading KWA CQR Mod 1 (Barrel/Rail)

Post by Speefy »

The only thing I can think of is an armorers wrench for the delta ring removal. Beyond that, based upon http://www.kwausa.com/forums/index.php? ... entry47199, it's probably a drop fit.

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Re: Upgrading KWA CQR Mod 1 (Barrel/Rail)

Post by Loctite »

You'll have to move your battery to the rear stock as well.

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