How do I remove my orange flash hider?

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How do I remove my orange flash hider?

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Is it legal to remove or paint over your orange flash hider? Yes, if you own the airsoft gun, read here: ... =814&p=817

To get a realistic black flash hider, you can
A. Paint your orange flash hider with flat black spray paint
B. Buy a black flash hider from or some other airsoft retailer

Removing your Flash Hider
1. On the bottom of many flash hiders is a set pin locking the flash hider so that it can not be unscrewed. This looks like a little hole but in actuality it is a 1.5mm hex screw. Unscrew and remove this pin and you should be able unscrew your flash hider in a clockwise fashion (this is opposite to how most things unscrew and is called anti-clockwise or CCW threading). Some AEGs use CW threading so either do your research or try both directions.

2. If your gun does not have a locking screw it is most likely to have been glued onto your barrel with hot glue. You will need to soak it in boiling water or use a hair dryer to soften the glue and then use a lot of torque/pressure to unscrew your barrel. This may take a lot of effort depending on the glue. If you have trouble make sure the threading is CCW or CW.
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