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 Post subject: Guide: Writing Titles for your Topics
PostPosted: Tue Feb 03, 2009 5:58 pm 
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Writing Effective Titles: A how-to guide

Writing a clear, concise and informative Thread Title is mandatory for this board. We have higher standards on this than most and I am very strict about enforcing these rules.

Having clear and understandable Thread Titles helps other users find information that they are looking for or are interested in. Well written thread titles are very useful when using the SEARCH feature. The TITLE is written in the SUBJECT field at the top of your 1st post.

If a MOD or ADMIN tags your title to inform you that it is improperly written, please immediately EDIT your 1st post to fix it. Threads that are not fixed in a timely manner will be deleted.

Always include the brand/model name of the product you wish to discuss in the title if possible. If you want to discuss the differences between a JG AUG and a CA AUG then your title should be "JG AUG v. CA AUG" and not simply, "AUG". Unless your topic is about all AUGs

DON'T BE BROAD (Unless you mean it)
Don't write generic titles like "Airsoft BB" or "M4" if your thread is about a specific AEG like "JG M4 CQB". Broad titles such as "M4 AEG" should be reserved for discussions about ALL M4's based on that title. If you want to start stuch a thread, be informed and prepared to lead that discussion.

Don't write titles like, "Help me!!!", or "G36 problems". Everybody who posts in the HELP or UPGRADE forums is looking for help, so you DO NOT NEED TO SAY 'HELP'. Be specific with the problem like, "G36 trigger pulls hard?" or "M4 doesn't feed right"

Don't write vague or 'blind' titles like, "The coolest thing!" or "What is this?" or "Help, won't work...". Titles should make sense without having to open up the thread to figure out what it is about. Thread titles are not e-mails and should not be written like you are sending a note to your best friend. We don't know. Be clear and elaborate.

Don't use more exclamation, question or other marks in your post to make it stand out. That is poor Board Etiquette. Your thread is no more important than anybody else's. It makes you and your topic look immature.

Use both upper in lower case. You are writing a TITLE which grammar dictates the use of an initial uppercase letter. Especially with names. DO NOT USE ALL UPPERCASE for your titles. This is reserved for board announcements by the board staff. 'and do not write in all lower caps.'

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