Ricochet Tactical Clubhouse, Levittown NY

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Ricochet Tactical Clubhouse, Levittown NY

Post by Rosales »

Getting that trigger itch but don't want to deal with kids running around? Do you want to test your latest build? Or just
want to see if you can beat the fastest time? There may be something for you.

Nestled in the basement level of the Tri-County flea market is a first for airsoft enthusiasts in the New York Area. Consisting of a staging area, pistol/chrono range and an IPSC style shooting course. As of now, the play fee is $5 for a full day of running and beating the best time. It will revert to $5 per hour (1 session) after they have the Grand Opening.

The course mainly consists of metal reactive targets that light up and shut off when hit. As of my last game play the targets seem to have a fixed chain, though it may be changed for a more random sequence if requested. It is digitally tracked and by the end it records your total run time. The pistol range is more static since you are stationary when engaging the targets. It can also accommodate another player for a red/green timed challenge.
Basic game play is broken down into three:
16 target run, semi auto only.
16 target run, doubles/team semi
16 target doubles/single 10 shot progression.

The rifle course is more of a challenge. Though engagement distances are pretty close, it will be harder since the area is only illuminated by UV light and strobes. This makes it difficult for those running irons unless you have tritium sights installed. Optics and flashlights work effectively in acquiring targets. Barricades are also present, though it needs more room for improvement (as of review they are contructing a V-Tac style barridace).
After speaking with David Sullam who is the co-owner of the Clubhouse, plans for a more diverse gameplay is in the works. Currently the player base are kids or teens who are not too familiar with competition style shooting. So no forced reloads, or penalties for extended shooting. There are plans to have an advanced bracket where additional rules can be applied for a more challenging run.

Overall I had a great time. It is a great change of pace where I can focus more on my accuracy and weapons manipulation than worrying about a finger banger who shoots me point blank. The Clubhouse is definite must-go!

- Reactive Shooting targets, time is recorded digitally
- 2 areas that houses different gameplay.
- Staging area haa a decent amount of space, TV monitors are wall mounted to see the players engage the run.
- Refreshments and coffee is available, and other comsumables sold.
- $5 whole day gameplay! Who can argue with that? (It will revert to $5 per 1 hour session after the Grand Opening)

Cons (not severe issues, though it may peeve some players)
- Black lights and Strobes
- Engagement distances are too close
- Barricades are basic, though more are in the works

Hours of operation are Saturday and Sunday 10:00 am till 8:00 pm.

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Re: Ricochet Tactical Clubhouse, Levittown NY

Post by Alchy-ops »

The ClubHouse's Hours of Operation are,

Saturday: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm
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Re: Ricochet Tactical Clubhouse, Levittown NY

Post by Moondog »

If it were a little easier to get to via LIRR I'd organize a group trip there. But it's a long way from the train station from what I can see on the map.
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