High Velocity Paintball - Coram NY

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High Velocity Paintball - Coram NY

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High Velocity Paintball

I stopped by HVP yesterday to check out the paintball field I'd heard so much about. The owner, Rob, couldn't make time to meet with me unfortunately. I did speak with the field manager, Tim, who pretty much said Rob wouldn't rent out the field on a Saturday for a private OP.

Saturday is their busiest day with 200 walk-on customers on a typical Summer day. This is quite lucrative considering it's FIELD-PAINT-ONLY at $90/case. They would allow private airsoft groups of 40, sharing the field with paintballers, rotating them around each field in 10-15 minute long skirmishes.

I also inquired about running a night game after they closed but was told that they couldn't conduct games in the dark with taclights due to their insurance (wasn't this the same insurance that wouldn't allow them to hold airsoft there before?) The best they could offer was running a game on weekday...before 5pm!

A few years ago when I inquired about playing airsoft there, Rob told me he couldn't do it because his insurance wouldn't cover it and it would void the warranty on the netting at the field. Things must have changed since then as they now offer airsoft skirmish games on Sundays for $25/pp.

As you can see from the photos below, it's got some fun looking structures and fields. If you go there to play on a Sunday or as a private group, just be aware that as a very busy paintball field, the ground and every single inch of wall is slimy with old paint. Don't wear your good gear or anything you can't throw into the wash.

Here are some photos of the place.
http://s881.photobucket.com/user/Moondo ... w/2013_HVP
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Re: High Velocity Paintball - Coram NY

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airsoft must have gotten popular since than.

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Re: High Velocity Paintball - Coram NY

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Wow, a lot of paint on some of that stuff. Looks intense though. I am wondering on the insurance that when you set it up if it is specific to Paintball or Airsoft? Of the few i have seen it usually says both.
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