Stryker Airsoft - Hackettstown, NJ

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Stryker Airsoft - Hackettstown, NJ

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Stryker Airsoft CQB Arena
Hackettstown, NJ
13 Route 57 Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(908) 269-8965

New York City Airsoft and VOA organized a scouting trip to New Jersey's newest indoor CQB facility, Stryker Airsoft in Hacketstown. A little over one hour outside of New York City.

Open less than a week, the pro-shop was still being built and stocked, but the staging area was ready and full of local players. Located a former indoor soccer field, the arena is over 14,000sq ft and easily 120ft in any direction. Primer, Mitsuikai, Ghostrider, The Kiss, Gunner, Glitch and about 20 local players got to try it out first hand.

Like a miniture CQBCity (, this field felt huge and nicely laid out. The arena is a mix of buildings, barriers and barrels, which really gives this CQB arena the feeling of playing outdoors. And with the advantage of playing indoors, there should be far less airsofters hibernating this winter.
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