Hells Half Acre in Barnegat, NJ

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Private Field in South Central New Jersey

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HELLS HALF ACRE is a private CQC and urban combat style field.
We keep the course open all year round for those die hard players who dont give in to the cold wether.
Its located a few miles off of STATE ROUTE 9 south bound in Barnegat Nj. Public transportation is not far away and a ride can be arranged from a field member. The course sits way out in the middle of no wheres and we can accomodate up to 60 players on course. The left flank is very sparse in cover and appeals more towards woodsball players. The center section is all about CQB and CQC and urban style combat. Alleys are extremely narrow and very winding and curve alot. Walls and cover are everywhere. We do have several hut structures and ply wood structures that create a very intense fighting area. The right section is mainly woodsball / speedball. We try to accomodate all types of players and tactics. Every month so far we keep adding about 20,000 sq feet of more playing space to better the gaming experience.
We do rent the land on which the course sits and we do ask a $6 charge to come on to the field and we also do take some of those proceeds and donate them to the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. We do stress that we are NOT a buisness and that no one here takes from the proceeds. We also almost always have vendors and other reps from companies that set up tables and merchandise at the field. We usually see about 20 - 60 people on the field ever week. Please message me if anyone wishes to attend. WWW.HHAGAMES.WEBS.COM is the site we use to monitor our fields its new and the games we host there. Anything else please ask

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Hells Half Acre in Barnegat, NJ

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Hell's Half Acre is a new field that opened during the summer 2011, I have not had the pleasure of some trigger time at this location as of yet but it is definitely on my to-do list.
I am providing this information to you guys for my buddy Whiskey Whiskey, who along with his team have been putting their blood sweat & tears in to get this place off the ground. The videos I have seen so far, have sparked my interest in checking out this location & the price... Well, the price is right! I'll be checking this place out soon, & maybe us here at Nycairsoft can organize a scouting trip. If any of you plan on visiting this field, or have visited this field, please leave your feedback here... I would love to know more from players who have been to Hell's Half Acre!

Games are every Sunday but there are small practice runs and crews out there every Saturday. They also have several local merchants and vendors that set up tables and such every Sunday, they sell anything from gear, guns, ammo, all from top airsoft brands.
Field fee is $6 to cover the cost of renting the land on which the course sits, all additional proceeds generated are donated to the wounded warrior project.
For additional info contact Whiskey1 at 732-300-8767. The course is located in Barnegat, NJ. THIS IS A PRIVATE FIELD, NOT A BUSINESS & YOU MUST CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY IF INTERESTED IN VISITING THIS FIELD.

If you need anymore info you can also find them on FaceBook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Halo-OC-C ... 2264931364
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Re: Hells Half Acre in Barnegat, NJ

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Come September 2012 this course is going to be going through a 100% complete redesign phase and will be more of a mout / village course - Were expanding our acreage and going to design a woodsball course surrounding a meduim sized African village with up to 14 hut structures plus barricaded walls and alley ways - Itll be able to be assaulted from any direction and have several low lying hills for snipers and heavy machine guns for any combat situation

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