Bouncy plate carier

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Bouncy plate carier

Post by Bacon01 »

Hi. I own a condor mopc and have 7 mags up front, and 2 on each side of the cumberband. Even if I tighten the cumberband all the way, when I run my plate carrier bounces around on my chest :lol: any ideas?
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Re: Bouncy plate carier

Post by MudOnYourFace »


Counterweight in the back (hydration pack, etc) might help. Consider wearing fake plates if you're not already.

Also, make sure it's sitting nice and high, i.e. top of the front plate is just below where your sternum meets your collarbones. That's a good guideline for proper wear of real plates too.

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Re: Bouncy plate carier

Post by primer »

You can make the cummerbund smaller, you just have to overlap the flaps in the back.
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Re: Bouncy plate carier

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