JG BAR-10 Upgraded, won't feed properly

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Re: JG BAR-10 Upgraded, won't feed properly

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Just as an update on this whole mess:

FINALLY got around again to messing with my BAR 10 (I know, it's been almost a year lol! The whole damned thing just pissed me off so much I didn't want to look or even think about it, and I feared that any repairs would ultimately end up with me having to replace some $200 part entirely).

I ended up taking down the whole thing with the help of Speefy and Ramming Speed, after we established that the major problem (the one causing it to only hit about 280 fps) was with the piston end of it (we dropped Speefy's piston into my hopup/barrel, and it fired fine). Disassembling the piston and internals, as soon as I removed the piston head something rattled free and dropped out of the inner tube. That wasn't a good sign. On closer inspection it was a threaded nozzle head that apparently hadn't been screwed in very well when Evike first assembled (and later "repaired") my bar 10. There was also a scary amount of dried grease residue on all the parts.

I spent an hour wiping down all the internals, and using loctite on the threads, then re-assembling the internals. Chronoed it again, and voila! 500 fps on the dot with .25s (what I was aiming for and what the gun was supposed to have done in the first place). I'm very glad that it's pretty much fixed (mag issue is minor, will probably end up getting a custom stock for it anyway, which will probably fix the mag issues), and I didn't have to spend more to do it!
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