Seeking M4 gearbox 101 assistance

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Seeking M4 gearbox 101 assistance

Post by Sleeper »

I wasn't sure where this would go exactly but this seems like the best bet
I'm Looking for someone from here preferably that knows their way around a m4 gearbox and knows about shimming, proper lubrication and maintenance of the gears, pistons, bearings, etc. and how to replace them if need be without having to bring it in to somewhere else and I'm usually pretty good with my hands.
I would gladly pay or offer some sort of compensation for maybe an hour or 2 (or more if there is more to learn) and maybe could meet up before or after an OP. I would also be able to do outside of games, but I am not very close to the city.

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Re: Seeking M4 gearbox 101 assistance

Post by Harlem »

Hey Sleeper, I 'm still a rookie in this sport (1 1/2 years) the only way I got comfortable on working on my internals was watching many Videos on you tube. My First gun I got was used and abused so I had no choice to replace or upgrade. I learned depending where you take it to get work on you will get jerked around or even worse. The main thing I learned was to be patient and organized when working on your gear box. Hope this gives you some direction.
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