P90 Semi Auto Feeding problem

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P90 Semi Auto Feeding problem

Post by metal »

Alright, so I finally got a proper motor for my P90 :D. Now another small issue -__-

On semi auto, the BB only goes about 40 feet and then drops. Its like I'm using an M50 spring or something. However, on full auto the gun works properly with the bb's going the expected range. It's not that big of an issue since I stay full auto most of the time. I switched from full auto properly working fire to semi, and the first shot flew fine on semi. Every other shot past that seemed like a dud, again with the 40 feet dropping. I think that there's some issue with the tappet plate and the air nozzle with semi, like the nozzle isn't fully stretched before the piston releases.

Usually I get feeding issues the other way around with full auto not working, this just baffles me. What's your guys take?

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Re: P90 Semi Auto Feeding problem

Post by Harlem »

Metal, Sounds like you need a delaychip for your selector gear. This 5$ item should help with the miss feeding. Going through the same thing on a M4 now. Hope this helps!
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