AAR Airsoft CARES 11/17/12

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AAR Airsoft CARES 11/17/12

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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnl4JGaovWY&feature=share&list=UUPHOucR3Lps52Bv7zqCejBA

NEW YORK November 17, 2012 – Airsoft players in the Northeast are a very dispersed community but Hurricane Sandy affected us all. In the days immediately after the storm, many of us were trapped by the traffic, lack of power and gas. Those of use who survived unscathed felt an urge to help.

I started contacting airsoft fields across the Tri-State and organized Airsoft C.A.R.E.S. Shogun, Sinner, and Phridum gathered support from retailers, producers, and their companies such as Evike.com, Operation Lion Claws, Airsplat,Advanced Disposal, Airsoft Atlanta and Urban Ops Armory. And to the press through Popular Airsoft, Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft, and the New York Post

There were 6 events, in 3 different states, over two days. All the fields focused on raising funds for charities engaged with communities recovering from Sandy. I was able to attend two of the events in Long Island, while other friends and NYC Airsoft members attended events at the other fields: Sinner at Zulu24, Cookie at Chaos Airsoft, Whiskey Whiskey at Hells Half Acre and Primer at the Grid Code.

At Strike Force sports, they opened their doors before normal hours to allow NYC Airsoft members and registered players to hold a private CQB session. Afterwards, Paul the owner of SFS, took us on a sneak peak at their new pistol course. During Halloween Paul turned it into a very impressive Haunted House.

After a lunch break, I joined Rosales and Shogun at Modern Air Strike where they dedicated their 2pm-5pm session to fund raise for CARES. I introduced the players to our style objective based scenarios such as Sugar Hill and Moondomination, which was a change of pace from their usual team death matches.

In the evening we set up a steel target pistol challenge with prizes supplied by Ricochet Tactical and Evike.com. Shaq, the owner of Ricochet Tactical, competed and took an honorary 1st place in the initial timed runs. His time was eventually beaten by brothers Chris and Cory after buying additional entries to the course.

Players who attend the Long Island events got swag and prizes supplied by Evike.com, Urban Ops Tactical and John Lu’s OP Lion Claws. Together both the morning and afternoon events raised $600.

Further south near the hard hit Jersey Shore, Hells Half Acre hosted 25 local players in an outdoor CQB arena. The game was supported by Airsplat which provided swag and raffle prizes.
The biggest event of Saturday was staged at Zulu24 by members of Hudson Valley Vanguard and NYC Airsoft. It attracted over 60 players and raised $1800 (which included a matching gift by game sponsor Advanced Disposal). Tons of swag were supplied by Evike.com and Lifeline Tactical created a banner for the event.

On Sunday, Cookie’s Chaos hosted the final day of Airsoft CARES. 70 players came out, raising $1200 in donations. Cellar Door Graphics created custom NJ Strong T-shirts. Airsoft Atlanta sent a Tokyo Marui MP5 and other great raffle prizes. John Lu sent a ton of early releases of the OP: Irene 10th Anniversary DVDs.

Overall the Airsoft CARES events raised over $3500 for charity. But most important of all, it showed that airsoft players can do more than just shoot plastic at each other. To all the field owners, sponsors and players who attended: thanks!

Evike.com, Operation Lion Claws, Airsplat, Advanced Disposal, Airsoft Atlanta, Urban Ops Armory, Popular Airsoft, Thumpy's 3D House of Airsoft, and the New York Post

Photos from the Ricochet Pistol Competition







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Re: AAR Airsoft CARES 11/17/12

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Firstly, thanks to everyone who organized this event.

I was at the afternoon game at MAS, it went very well. We played some interesting games and I had a good time. I wish I could have tried my hand at the shooting competition but I had to ref at 5.

I recorded the games that day... I didn't get a ton of great footage but I got some good stuff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipqgIlAm ... ture=g-upl

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Re: AAR Airsoft CARES 11/17/12

Post by Ricochet Tactical »

I would like to thank Moondog and MAS as well as all the staff, volunteers, and participants who took part of the Sandy relief game and Ricochet Tactical steel pistol match. This was all for a good cause and much needed funds to people who have been affected by this storm. On a side note I would like to take a moment to brag as I won the steel pistol match on only my first attempt. Only to be defeated on the 3rd attempt of others with extended pistol mags. I am glad that the airsoft community has stepped up and helped our neighbors and neighborhoods even if took them a few attempts. As I brag I can't help but to be proud of being part of this growing community. P.S. the 1st place trophy is on display at Ricochet Tactical, Levittown. Shaq

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