AAR Reality Check IV - Ground Zero Airsoft - Wolcott, CT

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AAR Reality Check IV - Ground Zero Airsoft - Wolcott, CT

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The following is an After Action Report by White Dragon medic Schultz

Operation Reality Check IV
Wolcott, Ct
August 10th 2013

The operation started shortly after 9 A.M and started like many others before it; walking to the area that would be our CP for the rest of the day and evening. We would make our home on the summit of Chubby Kaafir. Once our firm had built up base and created a protective perimeter we were briefed by our competent leader Ariel B’otch. After raising the Tricolour over base we were given our list of missions/tasks and after a short time were dispatched to complete them. Our squad 2-1 was ordered to go along Chubby Gibbi and toward Chubby Hippo in order to find and confiscate a weapon cache that were to be used by enemy insurgents against us or even the civilian population. During this mission we did not find the actual weapons cache, but we did stumble upon the houses north of Quatti and south of Oil refinery where insurgents had been storing their personal weapons. Later did we find out that these weapons were taken from insurgents who were oil workers that we had been talking to in Quatti earlier. Had we not taken those weapons when we did they would have had the means to attack earlier.

After that mission we were ordered back to the CP, There we were told that our mission was still not complete and that the weapons we confiscated were not the weapons cache. We were then tasked to go back out into the field to find it, we went back along Chubby Gibbi and once there met up with 2-2’s squad leader Ludgar to observe enemy troop movements across the valley on the peak of Hippo. We observed a squad of Braveheart soldiers moving across Hippe towards the Oil Refinery. I ordered 2-2 to move quickly from our position atop Gibbi to the northern face of the hill to intercept. I then met with my squad leader Sonic and squad mate Megalomaniac to decide the next course of action. We decided to wait 10 minutes and then follow the northern trail to the top of Hippo across to oil to check for the weapons cache. There at the oil refinery we were redcon’d in a failed ambush attempt against a group of Russian speaking Braveheart hostiles.

We were pushed back into the shadow of Gibbi back to base where we met up with Platoon leader Mr. Spank for a morale boost of food and dokha. Whilst eating we heard first platoons leader; Vanish call in a need for reinforcements in Quatti. We moved hastily(though bloated from canned mutton and barely) down the face of Kaffir to Quatti where we found it under siege by a decent sized Braveheart force. Me and Platoon leader Mr. Spank found ourselves in the medical clinic climbing the towns fortified walls to shoot down on the enemy forced. Here we saw there was a group of 8-10 Braveheart men up against the opposite side of the wall from us so I threw a hand grenade(pea grenade) over the wall. As a result of failing to cook it long enough I heard the enemy squad scream out “GRENADE, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” and I heard them run out of the effective radius of the device before it eventually exploded.

After this I moved into the center of the village to patch up some friendly faces and then we moved back to base once the enemy assault had been beaten back. It was a very tough fight but we in the end were able to pushed them back for now. We then radioed back into CP to find out our next objective. There were no pending objectives so we moved down the Quatti to see what was going on there. Once we got close we saw a riot and stayed back, there on the trail half way between Quatti and Woo Loo Lock, Megalomaniac and myself took fire from a group of enemy, one confirmed to be Braveheart’s very own Whiskey Whiskey. Lock and I moved to the side of the road and laid down, firing down the hill onto Whiskey and his men’s position. Lock and Megalo hit two of their men in the first moments of the engagement. They responded quickly to us and hit Lock, I laid down cover fire while Megalo attempted to flank, he was hit as well. Lock was wounded only inches from me, so once I was able to suppress the small enemy force back into cover I went to work healing my wounded comrade. Once he was up and good to go we sat tight watching the thick brush for any more movement from Whisky’s survivors. There I was able to get a shot of Whiskey, and I took it(lol, like most saturday nights). Once I confirmed that Whiskey was indeed down, lock moved down the side of the hill through the brush to drag Megalo back to me to be healed. We then met up with the rest of our guys at the top of the CP who had just minutes before pushed back an offensive on our home on Kaffir. We went up, hydrated and had a smoke. Whilst resting atop Kaffir we spoke with a reporter who wanted to know about us and wanted to share our stories with the people who we were trying to help. He interviewed my squad and asked us about where we come from and why we do what we do. Most of us didn’t get in too deeply about ourselves but we assured him that the firm had good intentions in our actions in the area.

Then we heard a large blast down in Woo Loo. We rushed down to find that there had been what seemed to be a terrorist attack. The UN had called a ceasefire in the area so we moved freely among Braveheart security to assess the damage and casualties. There were two wounded. One was marked as priority and was close to death when we moved in. He was taken by a different group and my group worked with the other wounded. Our casualty had been hit with shrapnel in the stomach and leg, and was in shock. Comrade Spank quickly slapped him and poured water on him to keep him awake. The only issue with this was he was lying with his head at the low point of an incline so it was more like we kept him awake by waterboarding him. This is of course a skill we learned from our Boss lady. Comrade Spank ordered our squad leader Sonic as well as Megalo to move out to the Western outskirt of Woo Loo to set up a defensive perimeter incase any insurgents returned to finish the job on the wounded. Whilst helping the wounded I put my carbine against a tree, I then noticed 1st Platoon’s leader Vanish draw his weapon on the Braveheart combatants attempting to help the wounded we had already been helping. This started a mexican standoff so I slowly slipped behind Vanish to grab my weapon and join the fun. I then also called to Sonic and Megalo to back us up. Here we stood pointing our guns at the enemy, their guns also trained on us. We yelled and ordered them to drop their weapons and they in turn did the same. Eventually another Braveheart and UN peacekeeper came up the road with a backboard for the wounded and convinced us to all stand down. Vanish stayed vigilant and kept his gun ready whilst Spank and Myself helped the others carry the wounded man to Quatti. Spank kept his optimism up by telling him all about how great it will be when he is sent to America for medical treatment, and that we would also surely receive a gastric bypass to cut out the damaged parts and also assist him in making it a little easier to carry him next time(by making him lighter).

Once In Quatti I was once again approached by Vanish, he suggest we take advantage of this joke of a “UN mandated ceasefire” and capture Whiskey by force and drag him up to the peak of Kaffir to meet our boss. I instructed Vanish to stay outside of the main portion of Quatti while me and Sonic scoped out the inside where I had confirmed Whisky’s location. Here we moved freely in the ceasefire and gave intel to our men waiting outside the city walls. One of our men then bribed a female villager to call for Whisky, and like most men in war torn Africa, he came running. Sonic and myself followed behind Whiskey by about 5 meters where we wouldn’t be detected. Once outside the city walls Vanish along with 4 more of us drew weapons on Whiskey and instructed him to go with Vanish. He did so without fighting, but one of his men saw us raise weapons on him and broke the ceasefire.Only two arms’ length away he shot Sonic, I turned quickly to return fire, but after 2 missed shots I was hit in the arm. Megalo then hit him while also getting hit. by the time this short point blank fire fight had ended Vanish and Whiskey were already to Woo Loo on their way up Kaffir. Mr. Spank(who was not in this engagement) then came out of the city and threw the injured Megalo over his shoulders and ran him up the road to Kaffir to be healed, and the rest of our squad redcon’d back.
Once we returned to Kaffir to see our men rejoicing at our victorious plot to capture Whiskey, as well as another platoon’s capture of Bravehearts Boss. I shared my Medwakh pipe with Vanish after congratulating him on his genius plan, we took photos with our trophy(Whiskey) and watched the morale of our men soar. We posted up guards to make sure no enemies attempted to recapture Whiskey, Braveheart’s Leader, Or Quatti’s mayor. We waited there for the white mission to come.

Some time after arriving, the Boss Lady made the call over the radio for the rest of the team to regroup back on Kaffir to prepare for the white mission. 2-3 and 1-1 arrived at about the same time, and then we were informed that France had cut our contract and that the entire area was going to be hit with a nerve agent to wipe out all in the valley. We were to move into the valley and find all villagers and bring them to the UN base of operations to be taken by helicopter out of the valley. 2-1 followed our platoon leader up the very high, very steep mountain west of Kaffir and around to the southern side of Kaata to ensure safe passage through to the UN whilst our men worked to find survivors. We set up along the trees on the flank of the mountain facing Katta, our squad laid low and quiet whilst 1-1 moved into position and came from the woods to assault the trenches atop Kaata. We stayed where we were for some time, even with hearing the screams of the UN peacekeepers to receive more help from White Dragon. About 15 minutes after 1-1 started assaulting we moved in to help. We moved down into the berms along the outer border of the enemy CP on Kaata and fired into the trenches. Lock had moved forward of the rest of the squad to the southern exposed side of the trench system where he was struck. I knew I could not reach him just yet so I had to wait until the area was safe. There I was called by Ariel B’otch to help tend to some wounded UN peacekeepers west of our position, I lept from my position and ran to help to them with the aid of UN machine gun suppressive fire. I saved the lives of the two wounded UN and then moved back to the berm where my squad was still set up. In this time 1-1 was able to push up and into the enemy trench system.

1st platoon then laid down suppressive fire from the trenches to help 2-1 move forward to enter the trench system as well. I then put down my type 97b, Megalo threw me his Glock 19 and I followed close behind my squad to get into position to heal Lock. Once I healed Lock my comrades dropped down into the trench system and met up with 1-1. I followed and dove through a window into one of the turrets at the corner of the trenches. we along with 1-1 had to hold the trench system to ensure the safe passage of wounded and civilians. In the trenches there were many enemy dead, friendly wounded and even a wounded reporter. I patched up 3 or four friendly’s as 1-1’s medic had ran low on field dressings. After healing them I sat low for a while, during this time 1-1 and 2-1 fought alongside one another in a beautiful show of professionalism. Inside one of the turrets, a member of 1-1 was hit and my squad leader dragged him out into the trenches to me to heal. There I heard a hiss and thud, followed by 1-1’s cries “GRENADE!”, they ran past me into the bunker west of me, and I dove on top of the wounded(expecting to sacrifice myself) only to find that the grenade was on the other side of the berm I was laid up against. I survived only by dumb luck and about 5 feet of dirt.

Once the smoke cleared I finished tying the dressing on the last wounded, he moved off with the rest of 1-1 to the chopper as all but two civilians had been evacuated safely. They were given the order to pull out to the UN helipads and we covered them, only once they were to safety and on the birds did the remaining 3 men of my squad get the order to pull back to the helipads as well. I frantically looked around for Sonic and Lock but I could not see them, it was only Mr. Spank, Megalo and myself left alive from our squad. This being the white mission I understood the importance that everyone get out alive and was basically dragged to the helicopters, as I was calling for Sonic and Lock(not realising they had been hit). Mr.Spank, Megalo, a reporter and myself stepped onto the birds and had a smoke whilst flying over the torn landscape, reflected on the terrible things that we had just had to witness and endure in this war torn nation.

Matthew Schultz-Medic: 1st squad, 2nd platoon
White Dragon military contractors


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Re: AAR Reality Check IV - Ground Zero Airsoft - Wolcott, CT

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Thank you for sharing this for me. my new version has a few new photos.

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