AAR OP Swift Justice Granitville, SC 10.4.14

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AAR OP Swift Justice Granitville, SC 10.4.14

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OP Swift Justice was a LC game near the border of South Carolina and Georgia. I flew in to Charlotte, NC and then a puddle jumper to August, Georgia which is just a 23 min drive from Augusta to the AO.

Friday night I landed late due to plane delays, so I'm in the hotel lobby talking with my 2nd platoon leader and his sgt then in comes Bubba, John Lu then Greg later on after the AO was locked up. We discussed the game, cracked jokes and split up, hungry and barely ate that day myself and Greg went to eat in the next mall over. We talked about LC games of 2015; here is the jist of it:

2015 is the last year for multicam at LC, black multicam will be an acceptable option
grenades will have a 10 foot kill rule, be it tornado or thunder B
bang bang kills are done (finally)
some AO's may be in play for 2015, I.E. Scranton (yet to be torn down), Detroit Mill (same as scranton)
the idea is to now alternate AO's on different parts of the country, leaving a breathing room so to speak before another AO comes back in that part of the region
The 2015 calender is likely to start with Scranton and end with Irene in NJ
LC will produce video's for medic rule, safety and other things they deem important

There may be an early discount package deal for a player who wants to goto every single LC game that year, he joked it could be named after me. But tentatively called the "warlord" package. In convo John Lu asked Greg: who would buy that? Greg replied with: Derek, and they both laughed.

At both morning briefings both CO's said some great things and some funny things, I liked the location and hopefully they get it back for 2015. There is a funny story about what the surrounding towns people thought what was happening at the AO that I can't make public, but at the local field if you see me I can tell it there. John Lu again had to make mention about the PA incident since the players down there may have heard things. Once again, he advised caution on how we treat airsoft to the public. The actions of one or words can shed a bad light on ALL players or groups that are named.
Only an idiot thinks the media will make us look good.

The AO was MASSIVE, 1 building alone (far left) was the entire Scranton game plus the buildings across the river. Greg actually removed 2 buildings from play since it was too much. the large building on the far left was used primarily for frago's.


The rangers were badly outnumbered at this event, over all more players would have been it even better. We outnumbered the rangers by 1 platoon, which ended up as rangers hold the buildings and we have to enter.

Primarily there was a covered bridge that had a missing floor but was completed using very long wooden planks, just means the ground under one's feet could buckle. Now this fatal funnel was going to be costly, so game control did something interesting. There was 3 pipes used in this facility that had a steel skeleton around it to act as protection, it was sturdy enough for men to climb across it. So we did:
On the event FB page I titled it: On the set of the "Tarzan (2015) Reboot" - with Bubba Moore

On friday during the AO touring, an alligator was spotted in the river.

During lunch Bubba mentioned he wanted to take a picture nearby of a place called Hard St., and point up at it with it saying "FACT". Ended up not happening but this was on the way back to the hotel:

Our main objective was to cross the river and take over certain points, we were too effective and part of our QRF volunteered to help ref and become op4 against mainly us to help supplement the rangers. The caveat being they were aware of some of our attack plans, but they were mostly used in frago capacity and some times to annoy us.

Later on we got lucky and QRF found a huge downed tree that spanned the river, so I'm on my way heading over there as Bubba is managing the covered bridge assault. I hear over the radio QRF saying: " Bubba, we crossed the river but there is an actual wall" Bubba replies with : "Solve it"
there was no reply.
I couldn't help but smirk as I'm walking across the tree trunk.

There was a couple of hour guys who didnt care and waded across the muddy river. Another embed player out loud said, game control says no water... plus there was an alligator spotted in the river Friday.

He said that last part when they were half way across, I never seen two guys get out of water so fast. Felt like discovery channel for a second there.

So as the QRF is breaching, the rangers hear all that noise and are just mag dumping where they are landing. The other problem being the landing is right into poison oak, lots of it, all over. The putrid smell of the ripped open stems was all around the area, so trying to think long term not to get it all on you vs landing in oncoming fire and trying to get the hell out of the way. We had to make a foot hold before game control allows our respawn on that side of the river to begin. It was just enough and the dead began to regen not too far away as I made my landing, but rangers sneaked around in a lot of places.

Right near the end of the 1st evolution, my self and my 2nd platoon leader ended up trapped next to an alley. Rangers ambushed some of our guys a couple dozen feet away, not expecting rangers to pop up within 500 feet of our regen. Knowing endex is moments away we took a few out, but i found it odd. Whatever that force was kept sending people at just the two of us, we both were on full auto like wtf being down to a couple mags each and the finally endex whistle blared. The ranger players there were livid, one comes out and says " hey, you are the XO right?" I responded with yes and he said they had a mission since game start to get me. I missed it by a hair.

A pic at next formation:

Footage at the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eZ0gWO ... S7_Vj0EZtQ

In this video, the platoon sgt for 2nd platoon, some how his thunder B grenade came out of his pouch, pulled its own pin and went off under water in the river. It was rather funny, likely scared away that alligator.

I was sober and played Sunday even though we were up late talking, but damn the rangers were on point. Very hard to root them out and our missions were after dynamic targets vs the Saturday static targets. There was only a few buildings were nods would have been needed the entire game. But I do relent wishing I brought mine.

Then the game was finally over and we all headed to raffle//formation//goodbyes.
My 2nd platoon leader showed me in his truck another money pit hobby of his, R/C copters/drones. he had a modified DJI phantom 1 to swap out batteries fast so he can get it back in the air faster. We spoke about it at length and exchanged contact info as I see it as a very useful tool for game control (see any outdoor bottle necks), faction intel (see where the enemy congregates) and for the growing shutterbug in me.

I had my fun, the hotel area was good and food near by was plentiful. It was an easy trip flying out from La guardia airport to this event, so I will be back if there is a sequel.

As I chatted with Greg Brothers next to Bubba, i asked who won OP X. He said it was dead even. Bubba tried to boast but i said we didn't need to use a freight elevator...
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