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Phridum's HiCap Rule

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 8:06 am
by Moondog
by Phridum and Moondog

Most MilSim players only use MidCap ("Medium Capacity") magazines because changing magazines to reload is an integral part of the MilSim experience. They hate HiCap ("High Capacity" clock spring type) magazines because their high storage capacity and winding mechanisms seem unrealistic. But some gun models do not have aftermarket MidCap magazines available or are rare and expensive. Furthermore, a 190rnd M4/M16 MidCap magazine holds nearly as many rounds as a 200rnd MP5 HiCap.

Here is a simple rule which allows for a realistic mag change MilSim experience when using HiCap magazines: Eject To Rewind.

Players using HiCap magazines in MilSim games must eject their mag every time they need to rewind their HiCap spring. Players are encouraged to carry multiple HiCap magazines and swap them out just like they would do with a MidCap. Rewinding the magazine detached from a gun simulates the time and effort to manually reload single rounds into a magzine.