New Member, What's up guys!

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New Member, What's up guys!

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What's up guys. My names Juan Vazquez aka Grimskey. 25 Years old from the NYC area (Bronx) who loves everything about airsoft even though it's an expensive hobby. Thankfully my job as a chef is more than enough to keep a roof above my head and a AEG between my arms. I first discovered my passion for airsoft after watching an episode of the boondocks when i was young. The episode where Reily an Huey duked it out with airsoft guns. saw after again in an anime called FLCL. after some googling i feel in love and bought my first springer gun. eventually bought a crappy AEG and went to my first game. thankfully I have upgraded my collection from crap guns to a TM/CA AUG, JG G36C, & a Well P90. Got a Ares Honey Badger on the way and hopefully I can field it with members from this forum. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and potentially meeting up for some events!

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Re: New Member, What's up guys!

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Welcome, where have you played at so far?
For Russia

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The Milwaukee Project
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