Hello everybody!

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Re: Hello everybody!

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Welcome Leonard,

As far as outdoor, it's based on how far you want to drive. Going north east and you have Zulu24, An outdoor field in new Windsor. West in NJ is C&C airsoft in Stanhope, the largest outdoor field in the state. CqB varies in the area, but since that's not your intent then it isn't worth mentioning. Since you just want to plink and range test, there isn't that in NYC. Most do it in their backyard if they have the space.
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Re: Hello everybody!

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Hi, let me try this again... I created an account a few days ago, but promptly corrupted it, and Moondog had to delete it.
Pro-tip: don't change the message board's theme, as it may brick your account.

Thanks to DRK for responding to my original introductory post.

Here is my original introduction with a few minor edits:


Hi everyone, 

My name is Leonard, callsign "oafbot".
I'm 42 years old and live in Harlem.
I'm a currently unemployed code monkey.

As far as airsoft goes, I'm both an old timer and a complete noob... Let me qualify that statement:
I used to play airsoft as a kid growing up in Japan, where I lived on and off, in the 1980s.
Airsoft back then was not what it is today. The sport has grown in international popularity, scale, and complexity.
So coming back to airsoft at this stage of development, I'd consider myself a complete and utter noob.

And as a noob, I wanted tips from members of the community on how to ease back into the hobby. I need advice on fields to visit, games that are welcoming of newbs (that provide a mentoring environment). I need to brush up on what the generally accepted rules and manners are, and so forth. But for starters given the restrictions in NYC, I would love to just go to a range and practice my marksmanship. I'd also like to find out how to participate in some local games, and meet others from the community. I'm probably more interested in outdoor games and mil-sim, and not so much in indoor and CQB type play (though I'm open to CQB if that is what is readily available). As a side note, any WWII and Vietnam games in the area?

I already own a few airsoft guns so I'm all set on that front: The licensed Colt (OEM CYMA) M4 Carbine, TM Type 89, Colt 100th Anniversary and KJW 1911s, TM VSR-10, Tanaka Type 44, Tanaka Smith & Wesson M36, and a cheap-o HK USP (NGBB). My M4 is currently in pieces for upgrades and a paint job. I also have a couple boneyard VSR clones I'm using for a conversion project.


I think that’s all for now. Thanks folks!

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Re: Hello everybody!

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Welcome again. Try replying to this and that should fix things.
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