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please answer each:
What is your real name?
How did you get your callsign or nickname?
How old are you?
Where do you live (city or district)?
What do you do for a living or what are you studying?
What is your airsoft experience?
What is in your airsoft arsenal?
What brings you to this board.well I'm Matthew lotz a 47 year old local 29,blaster,driller,miner.recently got into airsoft playing with my oldest son ,we mostly run around yard target practicing and in summer in trails end pa. I have a trailer we vacation in,I'm voulenteer e.m.t.,and like customizing my sons guns,with paint jobs and parts currently modified his king arms aeg,working on a elite force tac now,wanna get more into milsim.

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Re: Intro

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Welcome Duster. Please add a photo of yourself to replace your Avatar and you'll be good to go.
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