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I'm here to promote Airsoft legalization! ... oft-in-nyc

I **HAD** an M4.

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Re: Introduction

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AirsoftWierdio wrote:I'm here to promote Airsoft legalization! ... oft-in-nyc

I **HAD** an M4.
Welcome. Have a plan if you want to do this because you have some big established groups that are against this and you have to change their minds and not just start petitions because they have enough influence to stop this change in legislation.
1. The Police Unions and the Comish: Airsoft and other toy guns legalized means the city and individual cops and more easily be sued for shooting somebody brandishing an airsoft gun: ei. 12If something is legal to use then it becomes a Law Enforcement officers fault for shooting a legal user. If something is illegal then it's the users fault.
2. The Mayor's Office: Because of the same as above, because the City could pay Millions in legal and punitive damages to victims of Police violence (whether justified, legal or not).
3. City Council members who represent you, who stand for whatever Polls say people want. Right now the SJW are pushing for more anti-gun laws because, SAFETY.

You need to make allies of these people by working with them or for them in order to talk to them, lobby and change enough minds to get a lawmaker to change a 60 year old city law banning toy guns.

Good luck.
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