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New Member from Distant Lands

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MY name is Chris/Forty and I have recently arrived in NYC from the UK and am wondering what airsoft is like on this side of the ocean, and how to go about it with regards to state laws and all that boring stuff.
I'm 29, I live in Brooklyn, which might make things difficult, and I work in Manhattan as an animator. I've been playing airsoft for about ten years, since forming a club at my old university, and I take it all just, so, so seriously, super seriously. Only one of my knives was sprayed gold.
That said, my arsenal is very small at the minute as I left it all at home when I moved, it didn't seem that important at the time. I'm big on anything blocky and sci fi looking though, will probably get a Vector before too long.
I'm here because it seems the biggest place to get information about airsoft in this part of the world, the laws seems very different and hyper specific to location, and obviously it's not really a hobby you can do by yourself. So, hello!


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Sorry for the late reply. Finally got around to updating the PHPBB software. Welcome aboard.
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