NYU student arrested for possession of Airsoft "weapons"

NYC and national airsoft laws and legal issues
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NYU student arrested for possession of Airsoft "weapons"

Post by Tsuyoi »

http://nyulocal.com/on-campus/2013/04/2 ... t-a-hobby/

http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyu ... -1.1325635

Short summary:

NYU Junior apparently customizes airsoft "guns" in his dorm, and then sells them online. He leaves them lying about in clear visibility (in this case, on his bed).

Maintenance workers enter his dorm, presumably to do repairs, sees the weapons, calls security. Security then calls police. (NYU maintains the search was within their rights since the weapons were in plain sight, even though they were inside a dorm).

Police obtain search warrant, see weapons, arrest student. Student is charged with 5 misdemeanors for violation of local law, posts $2000 bail, pleaded guilty (no info yet on the sentence).

What amazes me is the amount of sensationalism and plain idiocy that the media has flung about, including the NYU local newspaper. The mis-information going about is ridiculous (some NYU students, after reading the news reports and emails from school, have been led to believe the student was selling real guns from his dorm room).

A few prize quotes:

"Some college kids wait tables others turn their dorm room into a weapons factory."

“I was shocked,” said Abbey Sadeckas, 21, a junior. “I don’t know anybody who’s selling guns or anything — especially guns — out of my dorm."

"filled with pictures of him toting guns with friends"

"five counts of unlawful possession of a weapon with intent to sell"

Prosecutors said cops recovered six Airsoft rifles from Goal’s room, in addition six air rifle rounds, to flash suppressors, sights and collapsible stocks. And prosecutors noted that such parts can be used on real weapons, such as M-16s and M-4s."

This last particularly angers me. "Six air rifle rounds?" Does that mean they find it significant they found 6 little plastic balls measuring 6mm in diameter? And these plastic balls and "flash suppressors" can be used on "real guns". SMH

Regardless, this is really a warning/wake-up call to those of us who live in the city and enjoy the sport. NYC authorities are still referring to Airsoft as "weapons", the media is still desperately hungry for any kind of scoop, and bottom line, if you get caught, it'll be blown way out of proportion. I'm still paranoid as shit when carrying my gear down to my car, and that's why I always make sure my car's parked right downstairs from my building, and that I'm not even wearing my camo/BDUs when leaving my house.

The rate things are going, I'm tempted to rent out a storage unit over in Jersey, and just leave all my gear there (where it's perfectly legal), and spend an extra 20 minutes picking it up before a game =(
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Re: NYU student arrested for possession of Airsoft "weapons"

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I agree with you on the sensationalism surrounding the story, but then again, that's what passes for news these days. As far as the authorities classifying airsoft rifles as 'weapons,' that's because any projectile firing device is classified as a weapon... guns aren't a joke here in NYC... that's why the nerf guns are transparent neon green/orange plastic, so they can't be called 'weapons.' I think it's funny since there are far more dangerous 'everyday' items than an airsoft gun, but those aren't considered as weapons unless you use them as such. The laws here in the city are insane... *shrug*.

On a side note, I think it's funny that the reactions I read about had to do with kids being shocked that someone was selling airsoft mods online where as the kids who get arrested in their dorms for dealing drugs phases no one. *shrug* Related Story

Update: I misread how old this post was... didn't realize it was from LAST April. My bad.

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Re: NYU student arrested for possession of Airsoft "weapons"

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Ranger Psycho wrote:
Update: I misread how old this post was... didn't realize it was from LAST April. My bad.
We don't believe in necroposting. If someone has something relevant to say, how could a thread be dead? Very poignant observation about the different reaction between replica weapons and drugs.

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