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City's regulations - bright orange handrail, mag and stock?

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:54 pm
by fbeca
I am a relatively new airsoft player and since I will be moving to NYC in about a year, I would like your opinion on how to comply with the city's regulations and stay out of trouble in case there is a chain of (odd) events that can lead to problems with the law enforcement (i.e. car search during a traffic stop, traffic accident, etc).

Of course the recommendations below by Moondog which I pasted from another post are common sense and to strictly adhere to:
DO NOT displaying your airsoft toys in public view
DO NOT play airsoft outdoors
DO NOT play in a park or public space
DO NOT bring your airsoft guns to school
DO NOT act like a knucklehead

I am so paranoid I even try to comply with SB 199 but putting tape in my AEG when travelling to and from fields here in California (I'm the only player who does it...). I also try not to take pictures where I can be recognized with my AEG.

My question is: would an AEG which I would transport in a locked case to and from the airsoft fields around NYC be compliant with the city's regulation if in addition I would transport and store it with:
1) The handrail, stock and mag totally painted in bright orange - which I would change once on the field. For transport purposes it would be bright orange "as the predominant color".
2) Barrel plug - like the G&G barrel plug

What do you guys think? Thanks!

Re: City's regulations - bright orange handrail, mag and sto

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 12:11 pm
by Cal
I'm trying to get answers to these same questions. The only issue I can see with your orange furniture idea is that the barrel itself has to be no less than one inch in diameter, with a no less than 1/2 inch hole. Also, I can't find anything that says the rifle has to be totally orange. Just that it can't be black, blue, silver, or aluminum, and has to have a permanent 1" orange stripe down the barrel. So it looks like theoretically it can be tan or green with a one inch orange barrel.

But definitely search that up for yourself. I'm not 100% confident about the tan/green part.