Guide: Traveling with airsoft guns

NYC and national airsoft laws and legal issues
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Re: Guide: Traveling with airsoft guns

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Spears wrote:Anyone had luck w/ NYC airports? I'm thinking I should goto newark or something to avoid the "WTF your in NYC and your tryna transport a replica/bb gun M4, sig, night vision, and a bunch of tactical gear out of NYC?" kinda reaction. Overall just feels like a really uncomfortable situation to be in.
I have flown in/out/through EWR and PHL with real steel ARs dressed for war and no one batted an eye, though they weren't legal to own in NJ laws permit passing through with Federally allowed kit. But we don't have the gestapo patrolling like you do in NYC.

Conduct yourself politely and professionally and refer to them as training equipment to avoid superfluous discussion and volunteer nothing extra.

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Travelling on flights with Airsoft replicas

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Per subject line, see the link: ... -with.html

Grenades are a no-no. Ditto for the usual propane / green gas. As for the actual replica, I'd probably go with the safe bet and declare them with the checked luggage (ensure that its a locked hard case as well). Other ideas are to disassemble into upper and lower receiver (Can see gearbox in armalite variants). I like one of the ideas where the AEG manual is also nearby, with a note telling the inspector that it is a 'replica firearm'

Additional helpful information here: ... avel-Guide

Mind you, this only covers US domestic. International would down to individual carrier restrictions.

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