How do we legalize airsoft in NYC?

NYC and national airsoft laws and legal issues
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Re: How do we legalize airsoft in NYC?

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here is no reason for airsoft to be illegal in New York City. Even with airsoft banned, their will still be replica firearm related crime and there is nothing the city can do about it.

Also under NYC law Airsoft toys are considered "firearms" while under federal law they are classified as toys. This is oppression that should be eliminated.

Please support me and many others by contacting Mayor Bloomberg directly or contacting the city goverment. Thank you!

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Re: How do we legalize airsoft in NYC?

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Not all airsoft guns are banned in NY. It depends on the what color they are. Have you read the city laws concerning this: viewtopic.php?f=82&t=813

Also, I don't know you heard the news but Bloomberg isn't he Mayor of NY. He hasn't been mayor since...well the last election. You can still contact him but I don't know what good that will do since he's a staunch anti-gun RINO.
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