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Brick Stone

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This user copied the text of NYCAirsoft's rules and used it on his forum without asking permission, citing the author or notifying the NYCAirsoft staff. He didn't even bother to change the links.

::NYCAirsoft Rules Page::

Brick Stone's Forum pages


Brick Stone's communication to me and other members of the staff have been weirdly defensive, condescending and at times simply flames. The staff does not feel confident (or comfortable) that the user's behavior at an actual event will be mature or stable.

Below are the examples of some of the communications.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Just pointing out.
Date: Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:50 pm
From: Brick Stone
To: Moondog
Brick Stone wrote:
Moondog wrote:Thanks for informing me about the typo. It has been fixed.

The lengthy and belittling explanation of why such errors should not occur is not needed or wanted. Thanks.

This shows you truly don't care about how you make anyone feel how you serve this community. If you did you could take a critique like this without lashing out like a baby. You don't treat people this way Tom, not new members anyway. You seem to only care how we make you feel ( What you get out of the community or how it serves you).

I say this because... Considering my lengthy reply is simply in defense of how you've been mislabeling me at your leisure. With no regard for how we even got to this point and your responsibility for your part.
It is my response to how you have been belittling and condescending to me and your community. You may not even see it. You operate your site will no regard for ever possibly being wrong about anything you do or say. But you jump all over anyone you deem incorrect or out of line. You also do it publicly.

You comment here about how your feeling belittled You state it. That means, if anything, you want it known. But I am doing the exact same thing and in this reply to me you state you don't care about that at all. Can I quote you on this? Can I show your community you saying all of this to me? That You are allowed to comment on how you are made to feel... But I cannot respond and do the same... You say it is not wanted or "NEEDED" You wanted to say something... No? You NEEDED to tell me... right? See hypocrite?

You want me to note you are feeling belittled or you would not have written it. Unless you're trying to simply use words to counter.

So why are you allowed to mislabel me, claim I'm doing something that brings forth feelings in you that you can freely label, call me on it... and I am not allowed to respond.... You say my response here to your treatment of me is not needed or wanted? (or didn't you read that subheading)

I will have to share this with some of your more prominent members in a chronological timeline- They will love this! You're a fallacy!

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Just pointing out.
Date: Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:50 pm
From: Brick Stone
To: Moondog
Brick Stone wrote: In your forums, you are listing people's status with particular titles such as Moderator etc. Please note: You do not spell Contributor with an E as in "Moderator / Contributer" As you have posted. Just a heads up. You often comment about being taken seriously in this forum and you promote ideals such as spell-check and proper grammar in order to lend to achieving that goal. Time for you to possibly follow your own rules bro - SO WE can take YOU seriously.

To continue, Please remember these few simple truths before you reply to me with your usual take on things.

I could easily sit back and laugh at you and just leave all your foolish errors UN-reported. I choose to tell you... Why? So you can be taken seriously. So I can be a member of a group who CAN actually be taken seriously. Not to condescend.
If I wanted to attack you in that fashion, I don't know, that's not me.... Maybe I would make futile attempts to expose you publicly if I wanted to accomplish that. What you do see though is ME Holding you to your own Tenets and expecting you to follow your own posted guidelines(that was full of error no less).
Should I expect you to improve as a person or an admin after I point out an error.. YES. I have the rights to expect improvement. If you disagree then you are not a true leader. Rather, simply a self appointed one.

Important thing to note:
Members of your community who require YOU to be who claim to be and ask that you ALSO follow your own rules are not being jerks.
Calling you out when you are not who you claim to be or fail to reach this set standard, is not condescending. Its exposure.

You will take away from it what you choose. We, of course will eventually see it for what it is. Hypocrisy. You are already well on your way to establishing this. I'm just the only person telling you.

In reply to your other wonderful comments to me.
You condescend to your entire community by NOT keeping yourself in check, passing off rules, and berating those who bring errors to your attention when you fail to comply with your own posted rules. As if we should expect nothing of you. That is how you condescend to everyone here.

Giving people a blatantly misspelled title speaks volumes! Ask yourself. How can anyone take it (your site) or you seriously when you don't?

Just some things I ask myself as an admin and learn from every day. I'm not perfect. But I certainly don't wait for others to point out my mistakes. I review everything over and over and over. Why? because I want to be taken seriously. Just as much as you do (But obviously not with errors such as those in your staff titles). I want my communities to know that I respect them and I serve them. In return they respect me because they are first. Not the other way around. When someones comes to me with an error I am quick to respond, I am gracious and I am thankful. I then review as much as I can of the surrounding areas to make sure I am in check. Take from this what you will. If you think that this service I provide to you is condescending. Then your community will suffer for it because of who you are. Not because of me or from the help I offered.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Top 10 Newb Mistakes
Date: Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:46 pm
From: Brick Stone
To: Moondog
Brick Stone wrote: Tom, Like I said in facebook, ( you ignored) ... Admin's need to keep themselves in check.. None of your links to MOONDOG industry WEBSITE forums, In any of your posts anywhere in NYCairsoft are valid. Would be nice to see you actually follow your own rules or at least Admin your boards properly so people can actually enjoy reading and following up... versus being lead nowhere..
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